Market Report -Pakistan 20th April 2021


In local cotton market, sluggish business activity was seen during last 4 to 5 weeks. Less stock behind with ginners which is around only 70,000 bales. Due to this the textile mills were involved in limited buying as a result of which the rate of cotton remained stable. The trading volume remained low.

Prices were remained on same level without any changes caused by significant decrease in activity. The prices were at the level of Rs 10200 to 11000 per maund. KCA didn’t show any changes and kept firm at the level of 10800\maund.

Bullish trend was witnessed in international cotton markets especially significant increase was witnessed in New York Cotton. The Rate of ICE July after increasing reached at the highest level of 85 American cents. Overall bullish trend was witnessed in the New York Cotton Market. The reason behind bullish trend is that rate of dollar is decreasing. On the other hand in American state of Texas there are chances of drought. Increasing trend was witnessed in the rate of cotton in the cotton producing areas of China, Brazil, and Central Asia. In India the rate of cotton is continuously increasing for the last two weeks.

Despite the trade war, China has started buying cotton from the US again instead of buying it from India. As a
result of which there has seen a sharp rise in cotton prices in all international markets during the week.

Locally, sowing has started in the lower areas of Sindh and day by day sowing is increasing. Moreover, in Punjab harvesting of wheat is completed and after leveling of field sowing of cotton has started. Government has refused to give bail-out package to value added sector. The sector requested the government to provide bail-out package on the loss which they are bearing on export orders. According to the details government has refused to give bail- out package to value added sector.

The price of cotton in Sindh is in between Rs 10,200 to Rs 10,500 per maund. The price of Phutti in Sindh is in between Rs 5000 to Rs 5300 per 40 kg. The price of cotton in Punjab is in between Rs 10,400 to Rs 11,000 per maund. The price of Phutti in Punjab is in between Rs 4800 to 6000 per 40 kgs. The price of Phutti in Overall prices of cotton were in the range of USC 81~87 Lbs. (10200~11000/ maund).

  Opening Of the Week Closing Of the Week Change
Lowest 81.00 81.00 0.00
Highest 88.00 88.00 0.00


Crude Oil prices opened at USD 59.70 with higher level as compared to last week closing figures.

In this week, crude oil prices marched upward, although dropped on closing but still closed on positive side at the end of week.

In last day of the week, Crude Oil price closed at USD 63.13 with increase of USD 3.43 cents as of opening figure of week.

  Opening of Week Closing Of Week Change
Price 59.70 63.13 3.43


In last week values of Pak rupee slightly depreciated against US Dollar’s, other major currencies showed mix trend in both Interbank and open markets.

At the end of week, Euro closed on a positive note with figure of 1.20 and British Pound closed on positive note with figure 1.39 against USD.

  Selling Buying
LC Sight 152.81 152.76
LC 120 Days 152.26 152.21
Open Market 154.83 151.27


New York Cotton futures opened with lower levels on Monday as compare to previous week’s closing figures.

NYCF showed upward trend in this week, hence dropped on closing but still closed on positive side at the end of week.

At last day of the week, MAY 2021 closed at 83.71 with upward of 357 points.

At last day of the week, JUL 2021 closed at 85.03 with rose of 352 point.

At last day of the week, OCT 2021 closed at 83.40 with increase of 248 point.


Liverpool Index A was opened at 88.50 with higher level from previous week’s closing figure.

In this week Index “A” showed mix trend in this week, hence, closed on positive side by then end of week.

At last day of the week, LPI “A” closed at 91.50 with the increase of 300 points.

  Opening of the Week Closing of the Week Change
Index A 88.50 91.50 3.00
Index B 0.00 0.00 0.00


Local yarn market remained under sale pressure and limited sale was made during last week ended. Buyers were away from buying and was waiting for some correction in prices. On the other hand, suppliers were interested to make sale in quantity but only limited quantity with immediate lifting was finalized. Most of mills are sold for two weeks and not have stocks pressures.

PSF prices was decreased by Rs.5/kg by IFL in domestic market dated 12th April 2021. PTA, MEG prices remained stable and crude oil prices were also stable in international market. For next week, prices are expected to decrease further Rs.4~5/kg due to gap in import and local prices.

Faisalabad trading market was average in buying and limited trade was made in all counts of cotton yarn. Fine counts demand was slow due to end of season and staple demand being started due to staring of season. Limited sales was reported for blended yarn and PV yarn.

Following are current asking prices of yarn in local market based on ex mills:

Count Price in Pak Rupees / 10 LBS Price US$/Bale
16/1 CD 2082 – 2216 545 – 580
20/1 CD 2197 – 2349 575 – 615
30/1 CD 2598 – 2751 680 – 720
20/1 CM 2560 – 2655 670 – 695
30/1 PC 52:48 1891 – 2082 495 – 545
40/1 CM 3381 – 3457 885 – 905
60/1 CM 4623 – 4794 1210 – 1255
80/1 CM 5826 – 6036 1525 – 1580


Export yarn market remained silent and did not see business activity. Buyers did not share inquiries and were in wait and watch mode.

Prices were almost remain same and firm , hence fresh deals are under discussions. It is expected that market will show another phase in buying by end of April once market price is settled.

At the same time, there has been handsome buying form Pakistan domestic market before EID which is also factor to keep suppliers comfortable.

Many suppliers have cut the production of Siro and shifting to domestic market as price is much better there.
European customer have also floated handsome numbers of enquiries and we might see another phase of buying form them in end April/Early may.

So, as expected, market is getting settled and business activity will start in end of April onwards.

Count USD / Bale
16/1 CD 590 – 600
20/1 CD 600 – 610
20/1 CM 640 – 650
16/1 CM 630 – 640
20/2 CD 615 – 625
24/2 CD 645 – 655


In current week under review the local fabric market remained slow throughout the week for both narrow and wider width fabrics due to soft yarn market.

Local Finishers shared limited inquiries as they have feeling that weavers need orders so they would like to squeeze weavers for the prices as much as possible. Weavers ready to negotiate their offers against any reasonable firm bid as spinners are also ready to negotiate yarn prices against firm bid. Buyers booked their urgent orders and still held their bulk buying for coming weeks in anticipation that fabric prices may ease down in coming weeks.

Currently weavers are booked till 3red week of May ~ End May’21 in narrow width and also have booking in hand for their wider width looms till mid-June’21 and offering onward deliveries.

Construction Price US$/YD Ex Mill
20CDX16CD/128X60 –  63″  3/1 ”S” TWILL PAK CTN 1.46 – 1.48
16X12/108X56 63″  3/1 1.55 – 1.57
20CDX20CD/108X58 63″  3/1 ”S” TWILL PAK CTN 1.16 – 1.18


Due to soft market trend most of the Far Eastern customers are holding their buying for some time until the market is settled down. Asking prices remained stable during the week however reasonable target prices are possible to discuss. Suppliers have their opinion that prices are stable now and further reduction in prices may not be possible.

Limited inquiries were received from Korea, China and Japan for price checking only. Good suppliers are booked till mid of June and offering end June onward deliveries whereas average suppliers are booked till end of May and offering mid June onward deliveries.

European customers have started sharing their inquiries however limited business was materialized mainly in wider width. Work wear items demand is comparatively less now a days. Customers are planning to start placing bulk orders from next week onward to get their desired deliveries. Wider width prices remained stable during the week.
USA buyers have revived their orders so suppliers are expecting good demand in days to come.

Following were the closing rates based on CNF Far Eastern ports:

Construction Price US$/YD CNF Far East
20CDX16CD/128X60 –  63″  3/1 ”S” TWILL PAK CTN 1.42 – 1.44
16X12/108X56 63″  3/1 1.55 – 1.57
20CDX20CD/108X58 63″  3/1 ”S” TWILL PAK CTN 1.17 – 1.19


Bedding and Towel market is generally experiencing a slowdown of new order confirmations whereas inquiries have been at par. Main reason for the same is the new buying season to begin in coming June where major placements will be experiences for SS2022 and AW2022 collections.

Manufacturers are anticipating the opening of Heimtextil in the year 2022 due to the roll of vaccinations through private laboratories, which will enable them to bypass government wait list and fly out to major events if they take place as and when required.

The current bookings are being offered with lead times of 80 to 90 working days. And repeat on 45 to 50 days.
Prices have remained stable with a discount settlements of 2 to 3% on volumetric orders or 2 40HC+.


Pakistan’s apparel industry has observed a growth in export figure during March 2021. Textile’s value added sector posted a growth of 30.4 per cent from a year ago. The export value of these sectors touched up to $1.355 billion in March from $1.039bn over the corresponding month of last year. In February, textile and clothing exports shrank 3.12 percent on a year-on-year basis. The July-March figures showed that growth in textile and clothing exports came from the value-added sector. The value of exports reached US Dollars 11.35bn in the July-March period this year as against US Dollars 10.41bn over the corresponding months of last year, showing a growth of 9.06 percent. Product-wise details reveal exports of ready-made garments up by 22.9 percent in value.

The government has already withdrawn duty and taxes on industrial raw materials. Paying off past pending refunds to exporters has also encouraged garment manufacturers to boost exports. Lower interest rate accelerated industrial growth, especially in the export-oriented industries including ready made garments. Garment factories have orders in hand to fill their production capacities and offering ninety days to hundred days lead time for the new inquiries.


About future market it is expected that local yarn prices will remains under sale pressure due to limited demand from end customers. Still most people have their opinion that further correction in yarn prices are expected in next couple of weeks. Further yarn prices trends will be according to demand and supply of different yarn counts which will lead price level.

Local cotton buyers are not interested in buying due to less stock, on the other hand they are focusing to import of cotton, decrease in dolor also putting positive factor among the importers.

Local fabric business remained average during the week. Customers are placing only urgent orders and holding bulk order to get price benefit. They have feeling that prices may further softened during coming days.

In export yarn market, it showed improved activity in terms of prices as things are coming to normal levels after touching rock bottom levels. We might see improved business activity in days to come.

Export fabric sector is expected that business activity will pick up in coming days however prices will remain stable as it seems prices will settle down as per existing levels.

Pakistan’s apparel industry has observed a growth in export figure during March 2021. Already in hand orders with factories kept their production space filled. Lead time is being offered from ninety days to hundred days for the new inquiries.

With the upcoming cotton harvest and the drop in crude prices, it is expected that the prices of home textile products will further come down for cotton / poly cotton home textile articles.


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