The Making of Vigour Impex Group

We started our journey in Lahore, Pakistan in the year 1992, sourcing textile raw materials for our international clientele and gradually expanded into a multidimensional market leader of complete textile and apparel supply chain management solution. First in the industry to avail ISO certification back in 1997, we have maintained our status all these years, which has resulted in the development of efficient systems to cater our clientele for the years to come.

Vigour Impex (VI)

Vigour Impex is into the imports and exports of Yarns, Greige and Finished Fabrics, Home Textiles and Garments to anywhere around the world.

Vigour Impex Sourcing (VIS)

Vigour Impex Sourcing focuses on local purchasing and selling of all textile products including finished, semi-finished and related materials.


"We are devoted to ensure the provision of unparalleled quality products to our customers by virtue of passion driven team which is dedicated towards excellence and efficiency. We aim to drive confidence and sense of ownership in employees."


"We aspire to excel and perpetuate our current position as one of the leading textile agency by generating the best fitted, motivated and skilled team of professionals."

Quality Policy

"We emphasis on customer satisfaction through professional services by providing quality goods, competitive prices, timely delivery from reliable suppliers, conforming with industry standards and the legal requirements of the buyer region. We aim to achieve above goals through an active participation and training of all staff members and by continual improvement of our Quality system."



We believe in continuous research and development; hence we push our vendors to implement and develop best practices so that you as our customer stay ahead of your game.

  • Vigour has very strong market information and intelligence which is compiled based on prevailing raw material prices, activities in different sectors and origins and downstream demand of finished goods from USA and EU
  • Our professional marketing team keeps customers updated with the market changes to determine right time for buying. Offers are sent from different origins in order to choose suitable products at most competitive prices.
  • Market brief and Price Trends are shared for NYCF’s, LPI, Crude oil prices, local cotton prices

Customized sourcing solutions while acting as buyer's agent.

  • Supplier gets evaluated
  • Their process flows, certification, quality policies are evaluated
  • Their price competitiveness, infrastructure, after sales services are assessed

We use ERP system for effective contract management right from inquiry handling to final execution of contracts

  • Enquiry handling
  • Order Finalization
  • Order Followup
  • Quality Assurance
  • After Sales & Other Services

Preventive inline inspections are conducted by our independent Quality Assurance Team

  • Right from the induction of yarn till packing process
  • Pre-shipment inspections are conducted to ensure the product’s compliance with specification manual of customers

On Time delivery largely depends on error free documentation of shipments, therefore

  • To avoid any delays in distribution, our shipping team checks and carefully maintains a comprehensive record of documents
  • We monitor and process the documentation precisely according to the customer instructions and regularly update them about the whole shipping procedure

We provide professional after sales services in case of any quality issues , new product developments, etc.


2022 Turnover


Years in Business


Approved Vendors





Our team comprises of 80+ textile and apparel industry experts, from contract management to technical quality assurance personel, we have them all.

Muhammad Wasim Chaudhry

Muhammad Wasim Chaudhry

Awais Kashif

Awais Kashif

Director and COO
Muhammad Abdullah Awais

Muhammad Abdullah Awais

Head of Operations
Faqir Hussain Khan

Faqir Hussain Khan

Muhammad Mumtaz

Muhammad Mumtaz

G.M Marketing ( Fabric Division )
Muhammad Usman Pirzada

Muhammad Usman Pirzada

G.M Marketing ( Export & Import Yarn Division )
Atta Muhammad Majoka

Atta Muhammad Majoka

G.M Marketing (Local Yarn Division)
Raja Adnan Ullah Khan

Raja Adnan Ullah Khan

G.M Business Development & Marketing
Zawar Hakeem

Zawar Hakeem

Business Development Consultant
Shahzad Yasin

Shahzad Yasin

Management Representative

Quality Assurance Team