We are handling all possible constructions, weaves and widths of grey and finished fabrics.

Narrow Width Fabrics for Fashion Wear
Twills, Drills, BFC, Rib Stop, Canvas, Stretch Fabrics, Dobby Structured Fabrics, Poplins.

Narrow Width Fabrics for Work Wear and Technical Industry
Cotton, Poly Cotton and CVC fabrics in 1/1, 2/1, 3/1, Rib Stop, BFC, Fire Retardants, Antistatic constructions.

Wider Width Fabrics for Home Textiles
Satins, Stripe satins, Percales, Sheeting in 100% Cotton and blends of Poly Cotton. We can offer from basic T-144 up to T-1000.

Customers Based Globally

Our suppliers comply with industry leading certifications!