Over the past three decades, our presence in Pakistan has cultivated strong connections with suppliers and customers, leading to new products, global markets, and trusted relationships, strengthening our reputation among suppliers and customers worldwide.


We’ve always prioritized fairness in our business policies, often covering customer claims ourselves to preserve strong supplier relationships and align with market standards. We empower our employees with accountability and best practices..


We emphasize continuous research and development, offering ongoing staff training and cross-departmental meetings. We regularly publish reports, share content across social media, our website, and email marketing channels. We value constructive criticism and embrace innovation and sustainability.


Sustainability in textiles goes beyond fashion; it’s about crafting a future where eco-friendly materials and responsible practices weave a greener fabric for our planet’s well-being.


We started our journey in Lahore, Pakistan in the year 1992, sourcing textile raw materials for our international clientele and gradually expanded into a multidimensional market leader of complete textile and apparel supply chain management solution. First in the industry to avail ISO certification back in 1997, we have maintained our status all these years, which has resulted in the development of efficient systems to cater our clientele for the years to come.

Awais Kashif

Director and COO
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