Vendor Selection​

Customized sourcing solutions while acting as buyer’s agent.

Supplier gets evaluated
Their process flows, certification, quality policies are evaluated
Their price competitiveness, infrastructure, after sales services are assessed

Merchandising & Design​

In the realm of kitchen home textiles, merchandising and design serve as catalysts for transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. By understanding customer needs, strategically placing products, embracing design diversity, prioritizing quality and durability, incorporating seasonal themes, and offering eco-friendly options, retailers can create an immersive shopping experience that elevates the kitchen ambiance and delights customers with every visit. With thoughtful merchandising and design, the kitchen becomes not only a space for culinary exploration but also a reflection of personal style and comfort.

Market Research​

Vigour has very strong market information and intelligence which is compiled based on prevailing raw material prices, activities in different sectors and origins and downstream demand of finished goods from USA and EU
Our professional marketing team keeps customers updated with the market changes to determine right time for buying. Offers are sent from different origins in order to choose suitable products at most competitive prices.
Market brief and Price Trends are shared for NYCF’s, LPI, Crude oil prices, local cotton prices

Production Follow Up​

We use ERP system for effective contract management right from inquiry handling to final execution of contracts

  • Enquiry handling
  • Order Finalization
  • Order Followup
  • Quality Assurance
  • After Sales & Other
  • Services

Quality Assurance​

Preventive inline inspections are conducted by our independent Quality Assurance Team

Right from the induction of yarn till packing process
Pre-shipment inspections are conducted to ensure the product’s compliance with specification manual of customers


On Time delivery largely depends on error free documentation of shipments, therefore

To avoid any delays in distribution, our shipping team checks and carefully maintains a comprehensive record of documents
We monitor and process the documentation precisely according to the customer instructions and regularly update them about the whole shipping procedure

After Sales Service​

We provide professional after sales services in case of any quality issues , new product developments, etc.