We source our yarns from industry leading spinning mills based around the world.

Our popular varieties sold are as follows:

- 100% Cotton Ring Spun: 6/1 cd to 120/1 cm for weaving / hosiery, complete range of 2 ply and multiple yarns including Modal, Linen and Wool.

- 100% Cotton Open End: 5/1 to 32/1 for weaving and hosiery.

- Blended Yarns with different blends of polyester / viscose / bamboo / cotton from 10/1 cd to 60/1 cm for weaving and hosiery. PIMA / Supima Cotton, BCI Cotton, Fair Trade Cotton, CMIA Cotton, Melange, core spun, compact spun, jet spun, slub, stretch slub, multi count, organic cotton, zero twist, hollow yarn.

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