What We Do?

We leverage diverse global manufacturing capabilities to tailor solutions matching each client’s strengths, budget, and expertise needs.
Our comprehensive product line serves premium brands, fashion retailers, luxury hotels, resorts, and major economy chains


We offer a wide range of high-quality yarns suitable for weaving and hosiery

  • Smooth and strong 100% Cotton yarns in various thicknesses, from fine to extra-fine, including  specialty yarns like Modal, Linen, and Wool blends.

  • Versatile 100% Cotton Open End yarns available in different thickness options for weaving and hosiery.

We are handling all possible constructions, weaves and widths of grey and finished fabrics.

  • Narrow Width Fabrics for Fashion Wear
  • Narrow Width Fabrics for Work Wear and Technical Industry
  • Wider Width Fabrics for Home Textiles


Home Furnishing

Catering to all areas of your home, including the bedroom, bathroom, living as well as kitchen all while keeping up with the modern trends in the Textile world.

  • Thread Counts from T-120 to T-1200 
  • 100% Cotton, Poly Cotton, Tencel 
  • Organic Cotton, PIMA, Bamboo, Egyptian Cotton 
  • From 280 GSM to 1000 GSMs
  • Dobby and Jacquard Patterns
  • Terry, Terry Velour & Waffle weave Bath robes & Shoes

We can source garments types for both fashion & uniforms industry that includes T-Shirts, Shirts, Hoodies, Jeans, Trousers, Overalls, customised to your specific needs.

  •  Casual Blanks
  •  Digital Printing
  •  Uniforms


Our suppliers comply with industry leading certifications!